ToiletTree Skin Care System Product Review

I was recently given the opportunity to try and review the ToiletTree Skin Care System. I have seen similar skin care systems at various beauty stores and have always been curious as to how they worked. Based on the price of some, I just wasn’t ready to make the leap.

Price is one of the many things I love about this skin care system, the entire system is only $39.95! But, really, the system itself is AMAZING!! The unit is waterproof and contains a body brush, a soft and medium face brush (for sensitive and normal skin) as well as a pumice stone for your feet! I absolutely love the options that this system includes as they provide an opportunity to care for your whole body.



I use the soft brush nightly on my face, it is soft enough to not irritate my sensitive skin, yet gives a nice deep clean. I am amazed every night at the extra dirt and make-up it gets off my face. Once a week I use the medium face brush for a deep clean. My skin has never looked better after a month of use. My skin is less dry and flaky, any inflammations and acne are gone.


I have used the body brush a couple times a week, and it is great at removing the dry, flaky skin brought on by the Las Vegas desert weather and hard water. I just put a small amount of body wash on the brush and the spinning works up a great lather while sloughing off dead skin.


Lastly, the round pumice stone. As a runner, my feet have seen better days. I use this 1-2 times a week and my heels are feel as soft as they would after a professional pedicure.


The brushes change very quickly, and snap into place with ease. With the unit being waterproof, I leave it hanging in my shower so I never forget to use it.

Here is a rare pic of my skin make-up free.


You can check out their products and follow them on social media~

ToiletTree Products




Amazon (for reviews and purchase)

Here is some great information from the company on their product and what the package includes:
Skin Care System Features:

·  System includes 4 interchangeable brush heads: 2 face brushes (1 soft for sensitive skin, 1 medium for normal skin); 1 large body brush; 1 pumice sphere for tough foot skin

·  Battery operated (4 AA batteries included with purchase)

·  Water-resistant design allows for use in the shower

·  Water-resistant strap for convenient hanging and storage

·  Available in 6 colors: Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Gray, and Black

Skin Care System Benefits:

·  Reduces the appearance of problem areas, such as: dead skin cells, oily skin, dry patches, fine lines, blemishes, visible pores, blackheads and wrinkles

·  Stimulates skin renewal and improves overall skin clarity and appearance

·  Energizes skin and leaves it smooth, soft and radiant

·  Cleans deep to help remove stubborn makeup

·  Enhances absorption of moisturizes

The best part? I love this so much, I am going to give one away to one of my readers! Enter below!!

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71 Responses to ToiletTree Skin Care System Product Review

  1. My favorite Skin care routine is Coconut Oil!!! I use it from everything from moisturizer, face cream, hair treatment, and LOVE putting lots on my feet and covering with fuzzy socks!!!

  2. Oil of Olay facial cleanser

  3. Cleanser, toner, & moisturizer

  4. Ronnie Somerville Hasty

    Would love to have the Toilet Tree Skin Care System Product to use in my daily routines.

  5. I love me some Baby Oil great for dry skin, makes me feel baby sft. Use moisturizers also.

  6. I love to use a pumice stone on my feet at night then cover them in Vaseline and wear socks to bed. It is squishy but it does leave my feet soft and it is cheap. I would love to try this system…heading over to amazon now! :)

  7. I really enjoy bath soaks. If my skin is itchy, an oatmeal soak does wonders. If I need to relax after a long day, epsom salts and some aromatherapy oils offer a soothing end to the day!

  8. I deep condition my hair and exfoliate once a week

  9. My favorite is premoistened face wipes at night, great for those I’m to tired to wash my face nights.

  10. use everyday coconut oil

  11. I like Mary Kay face lotion

  12. Scrub with wash cloth then use a good facial wash. Pat dry and use SPF tinted moisturizer instead of foundation.

  13. Washing my face twice a day and removing my make up before going to sleep is a must! We like to use coconut oil too after shower as a moisturizer and I put some coconut oil on my hair every other night. My hair are soft and shiny as it can be.

  14. rhonda hagy miller

    Coconut oil is da bomb!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

  15. Soap/water face wash and toner in the morning.

  16. I love using the Murad Acne system for my skincare treatment. :)

  17. I love using coconut oil, do my feet every night.

  18. oil of olay. been using it for over 30 years. have I used others, yes but I eventually go back to olay.

  19. I love exfoliating my skin with sugar scrubs with lots of organic oils

  20. I found coconut oil and use it for soft skin!

  21. Crystal Deodorant

  22. never used one would love to try this

  23. I love Oil of Olay moisturizer and use it all the time.

  24. exfoliating with facial scrubs and lip scrubs.

  25. my routine is under eye moisturizing..a def must every night

  26. Oil of Olay

  27. my face routine is scrub, moisturize and then wash off with gentle soap and water at night and moisturizer wish I had this brush system been dying for one

  28. Robin Jedele-Pescador

    I use a mask 1 time a week, not really caring which one I use.

  29. i dont really have a night time routine besides washing my face and putting body cream on so this would be awesome to have and use

  30. Coconut is my go to moisturizer.

  31. I love coconut oil!!! I use it as a face cream regularly!

  32. I try to wash and moisturize twice daily.

  33. Love to use a good moisturizer with sunblock every day

  34. I’ve been using coconut oil with a drop of frankincense oil on the lower part of my face that is dry. The upper part of my face is usually dry, so it’s a challenge to find the right product that will help my face overall.

  35. oops..upper part is oily, so I do not use the oil there.

  36. My fav is Neutragena face wash.I use it daily to keep my face clean and healthy looking.

  37. Moisturizer, moisturizer, moisturizer

  38. I agree, I’ve been slowly moving from commercial skin care products to using coconut oil!

  39. Thanks for the awesome review and reminding me that it is getting sandal and shorts weather soon, so I need to get busy on my body including my feet. I have been reading about the ToiletTree Skin care System and am fans on social media, but I never slowed down long enough to really get to know this system. That it is completely water proof is a major bonus, not to mention having different heads for the different areas. Fantastic!

  40. I soak my tired feet in warm water with lavender- infused Epsom salt. Then after drying feet, use a moisturizer with lots of emollients and wear thick cotton socks to bed.

  41. My routine is mainly the most important cleansing and moisturizing and I use a moisturizer with sunscreen.

  42. My favorite skin care product is my once a week face mask. It is Meaningful Beauty and I love this product. it’s pretty new, but I have been using it for about 30 days. Too bad the rest of my body has not had the same TLC my face is now getting. Better step it up, we are going into March!

  43. I use Olay morning and night to moisturize.

  44. just water and a good wash rag

  45. I love a good home peel.

  46. I’m in need of a new favorite!!!

  47. I use a cleanser and toner (sometimes) and then follow with a nice moisturizer. Nothing too crazy.

  48. I use coconut oil lotions and coconut hair oil everyday I would love to win thanks for the chance

  49. I Love to exfoliate daily with a facial scrub!

  50. Coconut oil and Exfoliate Thanks for the chance to win I would love, love, love to win this ( ^◡^)

  51. oil of olay moisturizer


  53. Cleanser, toner and moisturizer

  54. I would love to try this…..looks like a great skincare product….


    I love giving myself a good facial once in awhile and a mud mask

  56. Jackie Vigliucci

    Wash my face twice a day and moisturize

  57. One of my favorite skin care products is CJs Butter, it’s original intention is a diaper cream, but it’s full of great stuff like coconut oil, beeswax, shea and lanolin. I use it on my skin when it’s super dry and it’s great on cuts and scrapes.


    oil of Olay moisturizer for sensitive skin.

  59. have combination skin and always trying to find products that will really clean my face good and last clean. I sometimes get zits and hate it at my age don’t like getting them so this would be great to use in addition to my cleansing regimen of Clearasil

  60. My favorite skin care routine at the moment is using my Korean ski care products by Laneige. Just wish I had a tool to help penetrate the products into my skin deeper.

  61. Honestly, I wish I was more consistent but it is whatever at the moment in my bathroom.

  62. I don’t think I have a favorite skin system, I’m trying new things out because I have broken out REALLY bad recently and my pores are all clogged in my face and I’m trying every brand out there from the drugstore to see what does the trick.

  63. Viola Christina

    Hi, I will be honest, I don’t really have a favorite skin routine because no matter what facial exfoliater/cleaser I use I still can see dirt in my pores especially around my nose area. My favorite product so far is “Bioelements Quick Refiner” at least it helped me to get rid of dry patches on my face and it makes my skin feel softer and smoother. Thank you!

  64. I’ve been using a home made facial cleanser, with coconut oil in it. Loving it.


    Oil of Olay facial cleaner.

  66. Oh my gosh this looks amazing

  67. I like my DNA serum! I put it on in the morning and at night

  68. Christina Strapp

    I haven’t really found one I like yet. I have very sensitive and have problems with acne. Would love to find an all natural facial cleanser.

  69. Michael Lambert

    This would be a gift for my wife, but I just wash my face daily with a cleanser. I don’t really have a favorite product.

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